Animal Humane is dedicated to delivering the most up-to-date methods in dog training. Our skilled team will give you the knowledge you need to understand how to effectively teach your dog. Using reward-based training, you will learn how to teach your dogs the behaviors you want them to exhibit and how to discourage undesired habits. Our classes range from basic to competitive obedience, from foundations in agility to master level agility drills. We also offer rally classes, clicker training & much, much more.

Agility Trainers


Kim Terrill

Kim has been involved in dog training since 1993.  Most recently, she was the Training Director at Enchantment Pet Resort in Rio Rancho, New Mexico for 13 years. Her success in agility and obedience has included winning over 30 High in Trial and High Combined awards at competitions and winning at both the AKC Agility Nationals and the USDAA Nationals. Kim competed in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge with three of her dogs, winning the large agility for several years and also the 30 weave and back winner with her dogs. Kim and her dog Steeple won the National Agility Championship and then in 2015 won the Preferred National Agility Championship, being the first ever to win both in AKC history!  She is also the first person to put a Triple Championship (Breed, Obedience & Agility) on a Border Collie named Frisco!

Kim is most proud of how her students excel in Agility and Obedience – as many have qualified to attend Nationals and Invitationals. Kim routinely makes it to the podium with all her dogs in both AKC, USDAA and Incredible Dog Challenge Regionals and Nationals.

Kim has known and loved Animal Humane New Mexico since she was a child. She grew up across the street from our founders, Col. Edmund and Thelma Evans. Frequently, Thelma would bring Kim to our shelter to care for our dogs – and her passion for canines remains strong to this day. Kim still resides in the house across the street from the Evans.

Her addition to our team brings her friendship with them full circle!

Linda Johns

Linda has been involved with agility/dog training for the past 17 years. This all began with the adoption of a rambunctious Australian Shepherd, Halle that needed a job. Agility filled that need for Halle and she went on to earn AKC’s Master Agility Championship title. As a student of Kim Terrill’s for many years, Linda also became an agility instructor at Enchantment Pet Resort (ERP) as well as the in-house dog trainer.

While at EPR, Linda also developed a core strengthening class for dogs. This program develops a dog’s core muscles and teaches pets & owners how to stretch to avoid injuries. As a retired Albuquerque Public School teacher, Linda enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge about dogs with her students. In addition to Halle’s titles, Linda’s accomplishments in agility include Ticket, a Border Collie, who earned an Agility Dog Championship title and who Joss recently placed 1st at a regional event.


Susan Neal, KPA CTP

Susan was a therapist, trainer and adoption coordinator for PB&J’s Prison Dog Program, Heeling Hearts, for nine years. Ending in January 2016, the program focused on teaching women, incarcerated in Grants, New Mexico, to train basic obedience to shelter dogs. During her tenure, 500+ dogs were trained and adopted into the community. Susan’s interest in positive dog training led her to the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and to become a certified graduate (KPA CTP). She altered the training methods used in the prison from “corrective” to “reward” based.

Susan discovered agility in 2008 with Leo, her Grand Champion Portuguese Water Dog. Leo earned his MACH title (Master Agility Champion) in 2015. His daughter Sensay earned her MACH the following year. Currently Susan is training a Miniature Poodle puppy, Reno, to become her next agility “star.”
Susan has been teaching Agility Foundation classes for five years, three of which have been at Animal Humane. She is excited about the expansion of our agility program with its beautiful grass fields, excellent instructors, and state of the art equipment. Even if competition is not a goal, Susan hopes that more people will discover the fun and greater bond they can develop with their canine companion with agility training.

Kelsey Culbertson

Kelsey can’t remember a day growing up when she was not surrounded by dogs in training.  In 1974, her Mother acquired her first Golden Retriever whose successful career included winning the New England Top Dog Novice Competition at 13 months old. Tag was the dog that ignited Kelsey’s interested in training. He taught her how to train and together they performed at grade school for Show and Tell.

Kelsey still competes with 2 of her 3 dogs. Toby is a retired Obedience & Agility competitor and a dedicated Therapy Dog. In 2011, an Aussie puppy came into her life and demanded the two of them began their Agility career. Mica has earned her Agility Trial Championship title in ASCA and various Masters level titles in AKC. Kelsey’s young puppy, Trek, is just starting his agility adventure.

Through her teaching and training experiences, Kelsey knows the bond between humans and their dogs is special. She strives to provide her students methods of positive training to strengthen that special relationship. As Agility evolves, Kelsey continues to learn new skills and enjoys sharing those various training techniques with her students.


Behavior Trainers


Trevor Driggs, CPDT-KA

Trevor is a certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). He has experience teaching obedience classes as well as private 1-on-1 training with pet parents since 2012. Working in an animal shelter gave him the opportunity to work with troubled pets and pinpoint positive reinforcement methods that proved to be effective in altering their behavior.

Trevor teaches group classes for adult dog obedience, puppy obedience and a class specific to dogs that bark at other dogs when on leash. During these group classes he skillfully addresses each pet’s needs and owner’s concerns. He also offers private consultations to address specific behaviors should owners desire 1-on-1 training.

Trevor attends training conferences to remain current with the evolving dog training industry. When attending the Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Expo in 2016 and 2018, he was able to converse with world-renowned trainers and attend seminars that touch on the most common problems pet parents face. During sessions presented by Terry Ryan, Ken Ramirez and Emma Parsons, he gained valuable insight on effective ways to understand, explain and modify behaviors.

Trevor grew up in a small town in upstate New York but has lived in Albuquerque since 2005 with his wife, son and two dogs, Skyla and Naya. Working with families to prevent them from surrendering their pet to a shelter is his passion.

Alana Bell

Alana is The Center’s Behavior Manager and is a graduate of the Petco Dog Training Instructor Program and has been training professionally for nearly 3 years. Committed to providing the most effective, positive solutions to her clients’ dog training needs, Alana puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians and shelters from San Diego, where she recently moved from. Alana was immersed in behavior training at a young age, as her father is an accomplished dog trainer, too. When not helping clients enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, Alana takes her 2 rescue dogs, Rico & Dipper, on hiking & camping adventures!

Nyssa White

Nyssa is a trainer that has been working with pets and families since 2016.  She started out her career in clinical psychology and decided to work with people to improve their relationships with their dogs. She has been through many training styles and methods and is committed to helping pet parents achieve their training goals with the most effective, safe, and up to date science and techniques. She has been a life long shelter and rescue volunteer and animal lover.  Nyssa is currently working towards a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) certification. Nyssa is a New Mexico native, and has three rescue dogs, Tuesday, Thor, and Georgie who she loves to teach tricks and go on adventures with.

Ellen Schmidt, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

Ellen has been working professionally with pets and their people for more than a decade. She spent many years working in various animal care positions in veterinary clinics, grooming salons, doggie daycares and even interning with the American Kennel Club before landing at Animal Humane as an adoptions advisor in 2008. Since then, she has built Animal Humane’s humane education program, Learn Humane, to promote and provide animal-focused empathy education to schools across Albuquerque and beyond.

She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a certified graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA CTP). She also holds a bachelor’s in history from the University of New Mexico and a master’s in Medieval Studies from the University of York in York, UK. She is particularly interested in helping families with children build strong and safe bonds between kids and dogs, and in helping prepare dogs for activities such as competition and volunteer visiting work.

Outside of work, Ellen volunteers as the chair for the Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association rescue committee and provides handler training for the Warm Hearts Network volunteer visiting program. She competes in confirmation with her current dog and has participated in rally and coursing competitions and nosework training in the past. She also does canine visiting work through Animal Humane’s education programs.

Pat Anderson, CPDT-KA

Pat has been a volunteer trainer at Animal Humane New Mexico since 2009, where she teaches Civilized Canine classes and 505 Pit Crew. Her full-time job is as Practice Manager at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. She received her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager certification in 2012 and has acquired her Fear Free Certification in 2019. She is originally from the east coast but has been making her home in Rio Rancho for the past 10 years and has four rescue dogs that make her house a home.


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