Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to begin familiarizing yourself and your dog with the training opportunities offered at Animal Humane New Mexico. Our expert trainers will give you and your dog one-on-one attention and discuss your goals. Below is a list of our agility and behavior trainers. We invite you to use the links to begin discussing your needs or to purchase private lessons. All privates will be scheduled at your convenience following purchasing.

Contact our Behavior Team
[email protected]

Behavior Trainers

Nyssa White
Lead Behavior Specialist

Nyssa is a trainer that has been working with pets and families since 2016.  She started out her career in clinical psychology and decided to work with people to improve their relationships with their dogs. Nyssa is committed to helping pet parents achieve their training goals with the most effective, safe, and up to date science and techniques.


Trevor Driggs, CPDT-KA
Behavior Specialist

Since 2010 Trevor has been working with family pets and thousands of cats and dogs surrendered to Animal Humane New Mexico for behavior reasons. With his rich knowledge and positive reinforcement methods, Trevor helps pet parents understand the reasons for their pet’s behavior and how they can modify their habits for a harmonious relationship together.

Alana Bell
Behavior Specialist

Alana is a graduate of the Petco Dog Training Instructor Program and has been training professionally since 2015.  Committed to providing the most effective, positive solutions to her clients’ dog training needs, Alana puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians and shelters from San Diego; where she recently moved from.


Behavior Consultations

*In Person & Virtual Consultations Available

Aggression • Anxieties • Destructive Habits • Fear • Leash Reactivity/Aggression

During your consultation, one of our trainers will observe your pet’s behavior and offer guidance on how to move forward with a successful behavior modification plan. This session will focus on the reason your pet behaves the way they do and give you tools to help achieve your goal as a team.

All sessions customized to meet your goals for you & your canine partner. Buy your private consultation today and a trainer will email you to schedule your session.

Click here to download the Behavior Questionnaire prior to your consultation.

Private Obedience Training

1-hour sessions

Focus | Sit | Targeting | Down | Stay | Polite Walking | Recall | Leave it | Settle on a Mat

Similar to our Civilized Canine – Level 1 Class, you will experience personal instruction from one of our professional trainers on a 1-on-1 basis. This program is designed to teach all of the foundation behaviors and educate you on the best approach for your pet. Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle, you will have the opportunity to schedule when it’s most convenient for you. Our trainers will meet with you once a week for an hour each session and teach you how to teach your pet life skills.

Agility Trainers


Kim Terrill

Kim has an innate skill for working with owners and their dogs and offering advice tailored to their situation and level of ability. Kim’s style is one of positive reinforcement for your pet by rewarding each of their successes and helping them understand what is being asked of them. Her instruction will help you improve and grow your relationship with your dog.

Specializes In The Following:

  • Has a great eye to see what each team needs to help them improve
  • Works with individuals based on their needs to improve their dog’s course time
  • Specializes in teaching dogs to have drive
  • Works with all breeds and sizes of dogs

Please see Kim’s complete bio on our Staff Page.

All sessions customized to meet your goals for you & your canine partner. Buy your private lesson today and Kim will email you to schedule your session.

Private Lesson

Kim Terrill Mini Agility Class

This 4 weeks class is designed for students that have been training with Kim.  You must have Kim Permission to purchase the mini agility class.  At this point all classes are sold out but please contact her at [email protected] and she can add you to her list of students.


Linda Johns

Linda concentrates her skills and abilities on helping dog owners develop a strong working relationship with their pet, by breaking sequences into successful and manageable tasks. Emphasis is placed on each owner’s and dog’s strengths and abilities. Instruction is designed to fit the individual needs of each agility team.

Specializes In The Following:

  • Mental management on the course
  • Visualization of handling procedures
  • Finding the best line for owners & their pet
  • Ability to work with all breeds

Please see Linda’s complete bio on our Staff Page.

All sessions customized to meet your goals for you & your canine partner. Buy your private lesson today and Linda will email you to schedule your session.

Private Lesson


Susan Neal, KPA CTP

Susan specializes in teaching agility foundation skills to dogs and their pet parents. As a former art therapist she brings creativity into her instruction, custom tailoring her methods for each team. If your dog is fearful or needs a bit of extra help in learning the agility obstacles, Susan will work with you to develop a plan and give you field time to practice.


Specializes In The Following:

  • Introducing puppies to agility
  • Improving handler’s confidence
  • Teaching clicker skills
  • Helping dogs to focus
  • Handling short sequences
  • Ability to work with all breeds

Please see Susan’s complete bio on our Staff Page.

All sessions customized to meet your goals for you & your canine partner. Buy your private lesson today and Susan will email you to schedule your session.

Private Lesson

Agility Foundations I

This 6 week class is designed for handlers who want to learn the fundamentals of agility skills. Have fun and build the bond with your dog while learning the basics of agility.


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